OUR MISSION and vision

Mission: The Cycling Museum of Minnesota is a hub for unlocking the transformative role of bicycles.

Vision: Through our work, people will better understand the foundational and continual influence of cycling and cyclists on our past, present and future.

Purpose and Activities
The Cycling Museum of Minnesota’s purpose is to be a physical presence for the rich and varied history of cycling in Minnesota and beyond. CMM acquires and maintains collections to support programs including exhibitions, school and public programs, research, advocacy and more. The Cycling Museum of Minnesota is committed to developing strategic partnerships and participating in collaborative opportunities with organizations whose missions are similarly aligned.   



CMM is a museum in development that celebrates how cycling has shaped our culture and communities. Minneapolis is perennially one of the top cycling cities in the nation and our city infrastructure was shaped by bikes. It stands to reason that that there should be a cycling museum here. Since September 2013, a group of dedicated individuals have been working on just that.  

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CMM collects artifacts that represent the rich and varied history of cycling in Minnesota and beyond. Objects include: clothing, banners, archival material, three dimensional objects, and fine art and other creative works related to the history of cycling for transportation, recreation and sport. Do you have an artifact that you are considering donating? 

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