Nina Clark, Board Chair

Cultural administrator

Nina has over twenty years of professional and volunteer experience working with museums and other cultural organizations in Minnesota and nationally. Her particular experience is in public programs, exhibit planning, and strategic organizational development. Nina is passionate about cycling as an everyday means for people to get around, for the well-being of humans and the planet.

  Photo Credit: Brian Fanelli 


Photo Credit: Brian Fanelli 

Juston Anderson 

Juston serves on CMM's Collections Committee and will be content advisor to this project. Juston has been collecting cycles for twenty-seven years. He has been a member of the Minnesota chapter of The Wheelman antique bicycle club for twelve years and Captain for the past six. As Captain, Juston represents Minnesota at National Meets, maintains extensive connections to the national network of antique bicycle collectors, and is in demand as an authenticator and appraiser. He has been riding high wheel bicycles for seventeen years and has completed seven centuries (100 miles) on a high wheel. Juston coordinates riding performances and seasonal rides for the general public.

Tim Bicknell


Tim is an architect experienced in diverse project types including museums and cultural projects. Tim also has an interest in transportation and how it shapes the built environment. Since 2011, Tim has served on the Move Minneapolis (TMO) board which advocates for sustainable transit and commuting options for downtown Minneapolis. Tim and also serves on the board of AIA Minneapolis and YouthLink, a local nonprofit serving homeless youth. 


Kristen Paulsen

Designer, Architect, Educator

Kristen's work and passion is design at all scales. She teaches architecture at the University of Minnesota College of Design, and has worked for several local design firms. She recently led a class in designing museums to house collections, including bicycles.  Her non-profit work has ranged from graphic design for upstart non-profits to architectural design for an orphanage in Kenya. She and her husband have happily toured the US, Canada and Europe by bike.


Kate Cravens, Board Member Emeritus
Exhibit Developer

Kate has more than twenty years of experience working in museums in collections management, education, and exhibits. For the past decade she has focused on a career as a freelance exhibit developer working for museums around the country. Kate is an enthusiastic stoker on the tandem she rides with her husband Todd.

Katie Covey Spanier

Arts and Culture Administrator

Katie is the Director of Student Engagement at the Weisman Art Museum and is a MA candidate in Arts & Cultural Leadership at the University of Minnesota. She has 10 years of experience in non-profit administration, event production, program development, grant writing, archiving, and digital strategy. She serves as chair of the communications committee for CMM and flexes her pedal prowess on the back of a '63 schwinn tandem. Find her on twitter: @KatieCovey

Brian Mojica

Financial Analyst

Brian is a finance professional with over 15 years of experience in financial management, strategic planning, and analytics, having worked primarily in the nonprofit sector for organizations in San Francisco, the District of Columbia, and the Twin Cities.  He currently works as a financial analyst at Target Corporation.  He enjoys riding around Minneapolis on his Surly Pacer.

Mark Mathews

Finance and Retail Strategy

Mark’s primary interest is an active lifestyle in the outdoors, and he is inspired by the thrill of sharing that enthusiasm with others. Professionally, Mark has almost 15 years of strategy and consulting experience in finance and retail, and is an experienced merchant and brand manager currently working as a Senior Buyer at Target Corporation. Along with his wife and daughter, Mark is a proud member of a three-person bike gang that can be reliably found singing together as they pedal the trails of our bike friendly community.

Calla Blaney Martin

Calla is a bicycle mechanic with an educational background in art, anthropology, and cultural heritage management. She has 7 years of experience working in bike shops that cater to youth development and skill building, including Full Cycle Bike Shop and Express Bike Shop. 

As a “participant-observer” in bike culture, she is interested in all of the different social groups that are formed around the wide variety of cycling styles and bicycle building.

Mike McGary

Mike has been a bicycle rider and enthusiast for more years than he would like to count. He is a 25-year bicycle industry veteran and has worked for Trek, Gary Fisher, Lemond Cycles and Campagnolo among others. He currently works as Brand Sales Manager at Quality Bicycle Products in Bloomington, MN. He loves bikes of all kinds and owns plenty, both old and new. Mike’s career in the bicycle industry has allowed him the opportunity to ride and share his passion for bicycles all over the world.